Prime Ministers of Liberalia

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The Prime Ministers of Liberalia have been the elected leaders of the region. A number of people have held this position over time.

Prime Ministers

Carops (December 05' to Febuary 06')

Farlane (Febuary to April 06')

Carops (April to June 06')

Random Textbox Inputs (June to August 06')

Fernetti (August 06' to October 06')

Soccersian (August 06' to September 06; resigned during term) *

Fishyguy (October 06' to December 06')

Fernetti (January 07' to Febuary 07')*

Carops (March 07' to May 07')

Latagon (May 07' to July 07')

Nucleawasta (July 07' to August 07')

Julio Trigman (September 07'-)

  • The election in August 06' resulted in a tie between Soccersian and Fernetti, in which they comprimised on both being prime ministers, resulting in the first time Liberalia had ever had two prime ministers. However, in early september of 2006, Soccersian announced his resignition. See Coalition Government
  • Fernetti resigned two weeks before his second term ended, as he was running a busy schedule and would rather not leave the region falling under him. His Deputy Random Textbox Inputs replaced him for two weeks.

[edit] Trivia

  • The longest-serving single Prime Minister in Liberalia history is Carops
  • Only two prime ministers have resigned in their terms, Soccersian, and Fernetti in his second term.
  • Random Textbox Inputs is the only deputy prime minister to have taken over.
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